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Here are some action photos of CLCF activities in past years.

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Photos of the last Fall series CLCF race on October 16, 2011.

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Keelboats: Fantasy, Invictus, Lorelei, and Snitch
Multihulls (Wetas): Honey, Gray Matter, Weta 254



Racing !


Finally the beer and burgers !


JBY "Summer" Series #6 Latitude Race - October 19, 2008

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(Photo credits: Rick Bray, David Feaveavyear, David Rice)

Snitch & crew - the lucky ones have the sun.

Prestart maneuvering

Three boats off the line

First boat across the finish line

After the race (they're really more interested in heat than sweets!)

Fantasy Crew - 2008

Red Jacket Yacht Club Race August 23, 2008

Photos from the 2008 Red Jacket Yacht Club Race may be browsed here for now. Use back button in browser to return to index, then to this page if hit twice.

Photos by Feavearyears.

JBY Summer Series #3 Latitude Race - July 27, 2008

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Lining up at the prestart with Lightenings on their way.

Start (14:05) plus a few seconds.

Moondance and Fantasy nearing upwind turning point.

Snitch on her way home to victory.

Fantasy at turn, mehitibel downwind.

Invictus showing fine downwind form.

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Ithaca Festival Parade - June 19, 2008

(1) Waiting for the start [D. Feavearyear]

(1) Sailfish ready to go [D. Feavearyear]

(1) CLCF Mermaids [D. Feavearyear]

(1) How many potential sailors? [D. Feavearyear]

Spring series race day 3 - June 1, 2008

(1) Jnx and Snitch downwind leg [D. Rice]

(2) Lorelei rounding the barge [D. Rice]

(3) Trevelyan reaching [D. Rice]

(4) View from the helm [D. Rice]

(5) After race recap [D. Rice]

Marks in work party April 19, 2008

(1) Trevelan at dock [D. Feavearyear]

(2) Dinghy at dock [D. Feavearyear]

(3) Buoys in dinghy [D. Feavearyear]

(4) Trevelan ready to cast off [D. Feavearyear]

(5) Trevelan at work [D. Feavearyear]

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Action shots on the race course

(29) Starting line [D. Hoard]

(28) Star start [D. Hoard]

Ithaca Festival Display

(27) Tom Hoard, Rivet Master, making pennants [D. Hoard]

(26) Karina decorated [D. Hoard]

(25) July 4, 2003 [D. Hoard]

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A collection of CLCF boats

(24) Joel Bostick and crew on board Achiappafantasmi [D. Hoard]

(23) Fantasy [D. Hoard]

(22) Fantasy [D. Hoard]

(21) [D. Hoard]

(20) [D. Hoard]

(19) [D. Hoard]

(18) Checking the 'chute [D. Hoard]

(17) Bob at the Frostbite [D. Hoard]

(16) Boats with Cornell in the background [D. Hoard]

(15) B Fleet behind Karina [D. Hoard]

(14) mehitabel reaching, 8/22/2005

(13) mehitabel reaching, 8/22/2005

(12) Red Jacket - 8/20-21/2005 [D. Rice]

(11) Red Jacket - 8/20-21/2005 [D. Rice]

(10) Clare Fewtrell (on the right) and the MEHITABEL crew with the trophy jacket. [D. Rice]

(9) Lunch at Sheldrake Winery on return from RJYC - 8/21/2005 [D. Rice]

(8) Red Jacket - 8/20-21/2005 [D. Rice]

(7) Red Jacket - 8/20-21/2005 [D. Rice]

(6) Karen and Byrne O'Brien on their way to the start of the Lightning race, 8/14/05.

(5) Race Committee, Paula Berry and Jody Feavearyear, starting the centerboard race, 8/14/05.

(4) The J-24, Snitch, and the C&C 30, Lorelei, on a close reach toward East Shore, 8/7/05.

(3) Karina, a Ranger 26, on a downwind run. (That's Eberhard's shirt on the right!)

(2) A-Fleet start viewed from a safe distance off the starting line.

(1) Banshee, Ockham's Razor, Achiappafantasmi and Fantasy duke it out to windward.

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