Weather Past, Present and Future

May 25th, 2017

Our racing season has started with a blast of southern breeze that kept all of us on our toes - fortunately the occasional dousing kept us alert. In the first race there seemed to be good consistent pressure on the eastern third of the lake. Snitch made some ground there on the second half of the first leg - given the limited upwind speed of a keelboat they probably found both pressure and a favorable wind angle. It is always hard to find a good path around the pile cluster in a south wind as the shifts and lulls get larger and harder to predict.

Race 2 saw Ayla's Ride do well tacking inshore heading to Sycamore - both Trevelyan and Snitch lost distance by overstanding. I guess it will take a few races to re-learn the landmarks.

The pennant is in the usual place and there are some photos in the gallery.

Website Weather Page

I have added a weather page with some links to weather stations on the lake and forecasts for the next event. As always feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

Welcome Back Sailors!

April 18th, 2017 (Happy tax day!)

Our spring meeting was well attended (but not well enough to conquer the plentiful food on offer) and we covered all the usual subjects. Our new fleet secretary, Liz Clark, has the write up in the first pennant of 2017!

I have spent some time over the winter updating the website with the goal of providing a sort of dashboard that makes it quick and easy to keep up with CLCF news. I've also tried to simplify the site and make it easier to get to the information you need. As always it is a work in progress, so if you find any problems or have suggestions, let me know!

The registration form has been updated and is available in the documents section, so get your skipper and regular crew registrations in!

Marks Out and Awards Banquet

November 7th, 2016

With another year of racing behind us, we turn to the all too familiar task of removing the racing marks from Cayuga lake. Our fleet captain did a fantastic job of rousing work crews from the fleet ranks. This is the first year in my time in the CLCF we were not wrestling marks over the side of an unstable and leaky tin rowboat - instead we had the positively luxurious "new" pontoon boat, complete with cushioned seats and an awning. Next year it may even have a working motor! Special thanks to Joe, Tim and Charles for making the boat a reality.

This year's awards banquet will be November 12th, dinner at 5:00 and ceremonies at 6:00. Tim Bonniwell has agreed to host the banquet. Entrées and beer will be provided, please bring salads, desserts and hors d'oeuvres.

Awards Banquet

Lastly, after many years of service to the CLCF as secretary, Eberhard will be stepping down. The position is open if anyone is feeling prosaic! Read more details in the Pennant.

Photos and day race

September 14th, 2016

More in the gallery.

This Saturday is the 50 mile day race - skippers meeting 7:30AM, start at 8:00AM as per the sailing instructions

Fall Series

August 31th, 2016

This Sunday is the first race day of the fall series. It is also the IYC labor day picnic and boat parade. The cruising fleet will lead the boat parade before starting our first race - the race committee plans to set an alternate starting line so that the race start does not interfere with the rest of the parade. Make sure to come to the skippers meeting to get all the details!

The schedule for Sundays races will be delayed slightly in order to accommodate the parade - the skippers meeting will be at 1:15PM and the first start will be at 2:00PM.